Oldest Cow in the World (49 Years old with 39 calvings) – Guinness World Record

Oldest Cow
We consider 20 years is extremely old age for a Cow but a cow named “Big Bertha” lived 49 years old which holds two Guinness World Records, one is for being the oldest cow ever lived in the world and another record for lifetime breeding, having produced 39 calves.

Apart from this this cow also managed to help raise $75,000 for cancer by making celebrity appearances at cattle shows. Big Bertha was born in Ireland on 17 March 1945 on St Patrick’s Day. It is a Droimeann breed of Cattle (a native Irish cattle breed), The cow was bought at a cattle show by Jerome O’Leary and he reared her at his farm near the market town of Kenmare in County Kerry, southwest Ireland.The cow lived for 49 years and died on December 31st of 1992.