Veterinary Surgeons performed a Cesarean section to save a Turtle

Cesarean section in a Turtle was performed by a team of veterinary Surgeons. Egg binding which is unfortunately a very common situation in reptiles and avian patients. Egg binding is a multi factorial disease that progress rapidly and might kill the bounded female.

The reason for going for cesarean section in this Turtle is for some reason the female is unable to pass an egg that has formed. If the egg is regular sized, drugs and manipulation may resolve the problem, but many times the female produce extra large eggs that won’t be able to pass. When a female can’t pass an egg and it gets stuck in the cloaca, is common in reptiles and birds.

In this Turtle the  X-ray radio graph shows  a very large, irregular shaped egg lodged in the distal oviduct. They cut the carapace with a skull opener, removed the eggs, and resealed the shell with epoxy resin. The turtle survived.

We are proud of  our Veterinary Surgeons and  appreciate them for the Great job done..

Please Watch the video of C- section performed by Veterinary Surgeons…

The below image is an another case of Turtle – cesarean section performed in China where 14 eggs were removed.

Cesarean section